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From CEOs to freelancers, writers, teachers, coaches, small business owners, solopreneur and just about anyone looking to light up their workload.

Our lowest cost virtual assistant services can help you up your game by handling your daily tasks while you focus on growing your business. From affordable web development to functional content writing, the best graphic designing, and cost-effective digital marketing services, we offer 360-degree solution.

  1. Our lowest cost virtual assistant services’s plan allows you to save money by up to 30% compared to other virtual assistant services.
  2. Access different skill sets under one roof.
  3. Meticulous reporting and attention to detail.
  4. Access the best talent.
  5. Maximize your productivity.
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Our Affordable Virtual Assistant Services Plans

  • 5 Hours

  • $50month

  • 5 hours
    per month
  • @ USD 10
  • 10 Hours

  • $90month

  • 10 Hours
    per month
  • @ USD 9
  • 20 Hours

  • $160month

  • 20 hours
    per month
  • @ USD 8
  • 40 Hours

  • $280month

  • 40 hours
    per month
  • @ USD 7
  • 60 Hours

  • $360month

  • 60 hours
    per month
  • @ USD 6


Get a glimpse of things we do best

Administrative Assistance

From handling calls, and booking appointments, our executive virtual assistant services are streamlined to cover a wide gamut of administration tasks.

Graphics Design

Designing visual communications that readily resonate across a chosen line of audience can be a tad bit challenging. That is exactly where graphic design comes to the rescue.

Transcription Services

Be it verbal Minutes-of-Meeting discussions over a call or video to text, or training sessions that need handouts, transcription services do have an instrumental role to play for businesses.

Content Writing

It's not for nothing they say, "Content is the King" without the right set of words tailored for your target audience, everything else falls flat.

Web Design & Development

The potential of a well-designed website is enormous. From the initial first impression that on your prospects, the effect lingers to help nurture your leads, and impact conversion.

Digital Marketing

There are businesses that often take tech support for granted. With a lot of other stuff going on that managers need to think about, it's not unusual to look past things that are actually important for any business out there.


At Tasks Leader you can start outsourcing $50 a month with Dedicated VA and also hire affordable full-time virtual assistant at just $800 a month.
When starting your business, hiring affordable virtual assistant services can make all the difference. It might be due to insufficient time, the need for specific skills, or workload overload. There are plenty of reasons and benefits to hiring a virtual assistant; here are just some of them:
  • Businesses need administrative assistance
  • No more waiting for things from other people, such as payroll, tax returns, and social media
  • Saving money on office costs
  • Outsourcing mundane tasks and projects into the capable hands of a VA
  • Our offshore office is in India where we have a team of dedicated VA’s who are availabale 24/7 to help you with your tasks.


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