Administrative Assistance

Administrative Assistance


Being associated with the world of virtual assistants for a pretty long time, we know what clients expect from us at Tasks Leader. We have been segmenting our services under multiple heads, right from handling calls to managing emails, booking appointments, and covering receptionist duties. 

Our executive service provider is likely to streamline all your needs to cover a wide range of administrative tasks. With this team by your side, you will have a better chance of filtering out the noise and also focus at hand.

Our main goal is to change your perception of virtual assistants. We will be your right work partner, whose main work is to take the stress off your shoulders. You can trust us blindly to cover all your business-centric services with ease. Want to know how we help? We have segmented our services under multiple heads for better understanding.

What Our Administrative Assistants Can do for you

Our virtual email assistant will be the one keeping track of and updating your emails, calendar, and daily schedule. We are ready to sort emails, reply to them and then notify you of those who are looking for your attention. If there is any meeting or action item, then our VA will be the one adding to the calendar.

For scheduling appointments, our VA is here to the rescue. We will compile the current list of appointments that need scheduling. We will determine the time the appointment requires and then communicate well with the attendees. Finally, we will add appointments to a single calendar.

We provide professional day-planning for all busy entrepreneurs and professionals. We have a highly skilled team, ready to cover administrative tasks, mainly appointment scheduling and inbox management services.

Get help from our VAs to convert your files to PDF formats and many more. You can browse the catalog of file conversion projects from our top-rated professionals. We will not just convert but merge and split PDF files for you.

We are here to follow up with your customers or clients on your behalf. Right from sending “thank you” emails to some reminder alerts, we will follow up with the clients. So, there is always a connection between you and your customers. 

A virtual receptionist is another interesting portal to consider while dealing with our VA services. Right from answering occasional calls to taking messages, we offer over-the-phone customer support. We will set up meetings and then add them to the calendar. Under our receptionist duties, we will coordinate with your contractors and vendors as well. We will route calls to the proper departments.

We know the power of Dropbox and will be using the same for organizing files. As we will take entire care of your valuable files, you can spend that free time on your company’s growth and focus on other work prospects.

Join our VA team, as we start updating your email lists and contact details on your CRM. Right from the data entry of the customer names and information to creating a data spreadsheet from compiled records, we cover it all. Join us to help you process new data!

We are here to help you research some topics, that match your product or service category. If you need information on a product launch or blog posts, we are ready to do the research on your behalf. We will provide information on newsletters and others.

Want to create official reports on weekly tasks or deliverables? We are here to do it for you. We will create sales reports on your behalf.

Sometimes, PowerPoint presentations are able to attract potential clients to be your partner. Maybe you need a professional to create slideshows for you. Our virtual assistants are well-trained to do the same.

Your business won’t flourish if you don’t have social media handles. Right from a business account on Facebook, to Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, you need it all. You need someone to handle the social media accounts for you. Well, we are waiting for that call!

As mentioned earlier, much like setting up social media handles on multiple platforms, we keep on managing and updating pages as we go. It helps you to be on track with the changes taking place.

Want someone to manage your basic WordPress Skills to create blogs? Well, with us, you have come to the right spot!

Replying to your blog comments will help you to stay in touch with customers and readers. It helps in creating a friendly bond. As you don’t have time to filter and reply to blog comments, we will do that on your behalf.

Our ideal VA is here to learn and adapt to the new system of working. Well, we will be answering support tickets on behalf of your business.

Your clients need invoices once they purchase services from your side. It is proof of payment to be done. Well, we will take this task of writing and sending client invoices as and when needed.

We have trained our VAs to work with CRM automation software. It helps in handling customer interaction, managing client databases, and automate sales, supporting vendor relationships, and more.

The customer feedback will help your business to grow. You will learn the mistakes you are making and resolve those areas when you have time. For that, creating a feedback form is mandatory. We will do that along with survey forms for your customers to enjoy.

A single mistake in your official document can ruin your reputation completely, and you can’t take that risk. Well, you don’t have to as our VA will proofread all your documents and other official materials for you.

Want someone to help you manage Google classroom on your behalf? Well, our team from Tasks Leader is here to the rescue.

No matter whatever kind of services you need to get your e-commerce business up and running our VAs are there for you. Right from getting the store live to manage its updates, we cover it all.

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