Our offshore office is in India where we have a team of dedicated VA’s who are availabale 24/7 to help you with your tasks.
At Tasks Leader, our VA’s are blessed with myriad skills as we have a wide gamut of services on offer. From classic virtual assistant services like answering phone calls, replying emails, managing databases, we also provide niche services like Content writing,Transcription, digital marketing , website design and development, and much more. However, the capability of our VA’s aren’t limited to these services only as long as our clients and customers alike are willing to train us for a task that has a specific set of requirements.
Yes, you would be assigned a dedicated VA who will be your main point of contact on a regular basis. You can trust him as your regular employee and can train him on any additional task that you need to get done. We recommend all our clients to spend at least 24-48 hours with the VA to gauge his capabilities, and it also helps to set the work rhythm right for one and all. quis

You can communicate with your VA by dropping an email at the corporate email id or phone (VOIP). Alternatively, you can also touch base with him via the client dashboard during your VA’s shift hours.

You will be contacted by your account manager within 12 hours, following which you will be assigned a dedicated VA to start on with your tasks. At Tasks Leaders, we are very particular about quality of work, and thus we are keen on suggesting the best talent onboard who has the right kind of expertise for a particular task. Plus, you always have the option to train him further in case your needs are specific and the VA will seamlessly blend into your working style in no time.

Though all our VA’s carry considerable expertise to get your tasks done satisfactorily, there can be situations when you might not like his throughput, working style, or just about anything else. Fret not ! We have got you covered. In such cases, always feel free to approach your account manager and ask for a replacement VA, who will be assigned immediately to ensure there is no delay in attending your pending tasks.

Time is money. And, at Tasks Leader, we are bound to our clients by the number of hours they buy. One is free to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel their plan before the next billing cycle. You will have a dedicated option designed in the CRM from where you can choose your desired course of action. Alternately, you can always let your dedicated VA know, and we will help you accordingly.

It’s pretty simple! You can keep a track of your hours from the very task you sent out to a VA, which invariably pulls data from the CRM. Alternately, we can always mail you the same if you want.

We recommend all our clients to plan their tasks and exhaust their booked hours accordingly, as unnecessary roll over creates way too much confusion.

You will be notified by your VA if you are about to go over your hours and will be charged accordingly.

We’ve tried to compile our FAQ section as a ready reckoner. However, we will be more than happy to assist you in case you have a specific query. Please feel free to drop us a line at info@tasksleader.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

At Tasks Leader, we use top grade SSL encryption to mitigate any chance of data breach. All our VA’s working with client sensitive information are legally bound to us by a NDA and are in no position to access any of your personal information. Simply put, you are in good and safe hands!

Yes, you can. All you need to do is to simply share your login details with the other interested party for them to delegate their tasks.

We can assure you we will never get there as quality is our top guiding parameter for the work we do here. However, in any unfortunate scenario, we will be happy to assist you.Please refer to our Privacy Policy for details.