virtual assistants vs social media managers

3 differences between the job of Virtual Assistants Vs Social Media Managers

The debate between virtual assistants vs social media managers is very important now to initiate. Businesses need help from both parties in different prospects for their success. But in general, the job role of a social media manager is more specific while a virtual assistant is more regular in nature.

The notion of hiring virtual assistant services is more likely to delegate the general functions of a business development executive. On the other side, businesses hire social media managers to promote the business on social media platforms more accurately. New businesses need the help of these experts to grow in the virtual world efficiently.

Virtual assistants are now more in common in every business process nowadays. You can find the cheapest virtual assistant for your business and delegate all tasks to the assistant easily. However, social media managers are hired for the special task of adding more creativity to the social media handles of the business.

The skillsets required for both jobs are different and thus need more specification. So, you can differentiate between both job roles through the specifications. However, handling things virtually needs more special qualifications to manage updated tools for assisting.

1. Responsibility for the growth - Virtual Assistants Vs Social Media Managers

A social media manager will create content for the business promotion and efficiently post them on social media. Therefore, the role of the social media manager is directly linked with the content reach and hitting the target audience. On the other side, an executive assistant will handle the day-to-day workings of the company.

  • A virtual assistant service will line up the work first and then call each client to get updates. Thereafter, the executives will write emails and other stuff to follow up with the clients.
  • Added to that, the assistant will also answer the queries of the customers and write messages for them. Social media managers on the other side only deal with presenting the content.
  • 2. Responsibility for social media - Virtual Assistants Vs Social Media Managers

    Both parties use social media for different purposes and for handling different work. Social media managers use social media to get insights into the market response and highlight essential things. While the assistant will only handle the customer representation department on social media.

  • The role of social media managers is more in decision-making about the content and process. But, the virtual assistants will only deal with tasks and they are not required to process any decisions regarding the business.
  • 3. Handling regular business tasks - Virtual Assistants Vs Social Media Managers

    Social media managers do not take the tasks just for the sake of the day. They are much more responsible for a series of work to get responses from social media users. But, the work of a virtual assistant is just limited to some particular aspects of the job.

    Finally, the role of the virtual assistant will become more relevant in deals while the role of the social media manager becomes essential in engagement. Therefore, you can say both the role complement each other but capture different angles. The role of a virtual assistant is wider than social media managers.