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Experienced Virtual Assistants

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how virtual assistant services can help to grow business

Sacel Up your Business - Hire Virtual Assistant Services

Do you know? Virtual assistants can save up to 78% of the operating cost of a business!

With professional relationships becoming more virtual, virtual assistants are jumping in to let the things done right.

And why not? With most of our dates already booked with all essential tasks and a planner already filled with appointments, we need assistance to shed off our operations or someone to handle our time-consuming task.

Being successful at our work is a feat that we all are trying to wrap our heads around. Moreover, with the combination of physical workspace with cyberspace, vitality for more hands-on-deck becomes high.

Hence, hiring a virtual assistant has become both a necessity and a wish.

As nearly a decade ago – the idea of a remote assistant was hidden under the carpet. As per today, more than 59% of the virtual assistants are hired full-time.

These virtual assistants serve a winsome combination of high quality support by transforming your day-to-day tasks in the hands of a remote team. They sweat all the minute details so you don’t have to worry. From graphic designing to content writing to web designing to IT support, virtual assistants handle all the operations for you.

You too shift towards a better way of doing work – hire a virtual assistant today!

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Doing everything by yourself is holding you back! Delegate your work with the best-in-class virtual assistant services!

How is Tasks Leader Different from Other Virtual Assistant Service Providers?

With better support your company soars high!

With a proactive “ to do things in a much-better way” we match your need with our diversifying service platter. All that you need is all that you will get from us. Unlike our virtual service providers, we encourage a “can-do” approach. Don’t let the work add up to the big mess. With the certified virtual assistants by your side, get out from the work chaos and build a strong community of productive professionals.

Time-based approach

Yes, it’s all about time! Time is Goldmine! We respect time, we work on time! Keeping in mind your timing, we discuss the plans and work based on your schedules. You can leave your operations on the responsibility of our shoulders and can focus on other essential tasks. With flexibility as our core ingredient, we offer top-notch virtual assistant services.

Enhanced productivity

With virtual assistance, you are not saddled on a 9 to 6 workday! We keep your productivity in check at every given point of time. Wondering how? Well, our “delegate with us” approach let you delegate all the time-consuming tasks with us and put your keen focus on the task that requires your expertise and eye for detail.

Skills you need

We have all the skills you need to scale up your operations! It’s not about diverting from the business objective. It’s all about being the success replica you want to be. Though, your talent pool may not have all the skills you need to ride on the success ladder. With our expert skills, you can choose all that you need to scale up your business.

Experts your way

Our team works for you! You may have already run a smart process, but sometimes these people are not enough. We unblocks your team with our key expertise. Work with the virtual assistants who are ready to serve you 24/7.

Brad Lindemann
Analytics Career Coach

Hiring tasksleader was a wise call. They not only understood the primary requirements of my work but also suggested measures to better the outcome. Prompt and detail oriented.


Carl Cashman
Mortgage Adviser

Honestly, they performed better than I expected. The tasks were all performed on time and charges were reasonable. Tasks Leader is perhaps the most economic virtual assistant company out there that delivers quality work.


Most Recent Reviews

Peter C. Hayward
Board Game Designer

I hired Tasks Leader for a wide array of jobs and they managed to deliver each of them on time. Courteous, profesional, and an absolute delight to work with!


Sibohaan Harold

Tasks Leader is one of the best virtual assistant company that I have hired in recent years. Dedicated, focussed, and ready to jump to get things done! Full marks to the team.

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Emily Cooper
English Teacher

I hired Task Leader to review school assignments of my students. They understood the grading parameters nicely and. assisted me in reviewing. Job well done! Highly recommended!


George Aiken
Business Owner

While the landscape of virtual assistants is falling flat, I am glad to see companies like Tasks Leader making a difference. You can hire them for just about anything you need. Highly recommended!


First Try! Then Trust!

Modify your way from “ contain and do” to “ Delegate and delight.

With Tasks Leader’s virtual assistant services align your daily tasks with the virtual partners who aim at pumping your overall productivity. Browse professionals, explore the categories and assign us a task.

Get a trial and choose the service you need. Up your operations game by giving us the charge. We work on your time and let you explore the best of our service spectrum.

Exclusive Trials Available – Experience Before you Choose!

We offer a 3-hour for 3-day free trial to allow you to evaluate our services before committing to a paid plan.

Virtual Assistant Services We Offer

A great virtual assistant can do wonders for your company. From management of daily tasks to reaping the benefits of your key areas, virtual professionals do everything desirable for you.

Administrative Assistance

Management of administrative tasks can put you under the radar. From booking appointments to email handling to segmenting tasks, we shed off the workload by delegating your day-to-day administrative tasks.

Transcription Services

Join hands with the industry-gained transcription experts. From managing meeting discussion to safeguarding text to other essential documents, our mainstream transcription services will keep you running towards growth. Ace in your task with all the transcription virtual assistance you need for your business.

Digital Marketing

Unravel the digital opportunities with the platter of digital marketing services. With our outcome-oriented digital marketing virtual services, we let you stand tall in the realm of your digital competitors. Get your hands-on our array of digital marketing services coming out from digital geeks.

Content Writing

Trust our content writers to turn a bland content into an engaging one! With responsive, authenticating and value-generating content, soar high on search engines. Move audiences, move engagements, move traffic with the satisfactory content writing service.

Web Design & Development

The lingering effect of a website can’t be denied! Every website is different in terms of how it looks. To avail your website's uniqueness, you need the right services. With the premium web design and development virtual assistance, we craft bespoke services to create your web presence while keeping you on the top of your game.

Graphics Design

Let our designers spell their magic and weave the design that resonates with your brand. Swipe for the wide gamut of graphic design services catering to your business needs.

With Tasks Leader Outsourcing is Easy

Ever wonder how the big guns of the business world can skyrocket growth without breaking their bank?

There is no secret sauce of the growth – but only a formula for it!

The key component in your business success involves outsourcing your work and hiring premium virtual assistant services.

But why is there a need to hire a virtual assistant partner? Well, today’s task board, time and needs demand so!

As time is an asset every business wants to have their grip on, any wastage can cause you bucks. To lock your essential tasks and reduce your time wastage, virtual assistants break out the crevices by aligning your time-consuming tasks.

Moreover, every business needs cost-effective scalability. By embracing the virtual assistant model, you can reduce your capital needs while reducing the cost of hiring the full-time employee and incurring their training cost.

Don’t let your to-do task lists pile up by ending up being scattered and maintaining your entrepreneurial sanity. Hire virtual assistant services by delegating your daily tasks and staying sane!

Best Virtual Assistant services Plans​

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Every plan, work or strategy is a mere puff of smoke, if you don’t find time to do it. When you feel overwhelmed or exhausted, need someone as your saviour or want to scale up your business operation, you can choose Tasks Leader as your go-to-go virtual support partner.

Your productivity and goals depend on what you do? And, we do it in the best possible way. Choose our entrusted virtual assistant services today!


If you want to scale-up your productivity and growth or reduce your stress on completing the time-consuming activities while focussing on the core activity, it is best to hire the virtual assistance services of TasksLeader. We connect with you and based on your requirements delegate all the essential tasks to achieve the best outcomes.
Yes, we have industry-vetted experts who have required skills in handling a broad spectrum of your services. Whatever your business niche is, our virtual experts would be able to handle all your tasks in an aligned way.
You may feel too overwhelmed to train someone especially if you can’t incur training cost or you don’t have adequate training setup. That’s quite common. In such a case, you can avail virtual assistant services where the experts will handle the tasks on your employee’s part. As they are already trained with the prerequisite skills, you can save your training cost.
Pick a plan based on your business needs and the tasks you want to delegate. Your virtual assistant partner will make sure that they are helping you in all key areas while choosing the plan. You can also upgrade the plan as and when required.
Before you choose a subscription or a pricing plan, we offer you an added benefit of free trials. Get your hands on our three hours for three days trial plan. This gives you a sneak peek into our process and working so that you can make a wise decision before choosing the full-fledged plan.
Yes, prior to starting your collaboration with us, you can connect with our virtual assistant and ask questions and clear your doubt. That assistant will guide you throughout the process while keeping you in loop at every step of the work.
Yes, we do offer flexible services to our clients based on their work schedules. We respect your time and will align the whole process on the basis of your desired schedules.
Yes, you can get the advantage of tracking your time with the help of your virtual assistant partner. The virtual assistants will supervise, handle and manage all the operations and time to keep a better track of it.

Free Trial

Try before you choose!

Before you choose a subscription or the pricing plan for your virtual assistant needs, you can take our free trial and can decide accordingly. Delegate a task with us. We work on it by keeping you in the loop. The aftermath would be; a strong companionship between you and us.

We offer a 3-hour for 3-day free trial to allow you to evaluate our services before committing to a paid plan.

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