How An Email Management Virtual Assistant Can Boost Productivity Up To 28%​

How an Email Management Virtual Assistant can boost productivity up to 28%?

Once you visit a virtual assistant website, you will see that they are adept to do a lot of tasks involved in various businesses. One such task is the efficient management of emails.

According to a McKinsey study, businesspeople spend 28% of their workday reading and responding to email.

It is a lot of time that you wasted and can be invested in work that will help you focus on the more important aspects of the business.

All your need to do is delegate this job to your virtual assistant. You will have more time in hand, to do more work that is vital for you.

The function of your Email Management Virtual Assistant

Once you have hired a creative & affordable virtual assistant, he will get access to your email id and password to conduct the following tasks:

  1. Clearing the emails that have been read and replied
  2. Deleting the old emails that are of no importance presently
  3. Managing the contact list and searching along with verification of prospective customers’ email addresses
  4. Setting auto-responding messages and email marketing-related issues, etc.

Perks of hiring a Email Management Virtual Assistant

Email is the most effective method of communication at present and should be managed well from the beginning itself.

You might not be a pro, and so, you need the help of affordable virtual assistant services in this job. The prime reasons that favor such hiring have been shortlisted below.

  • Organized approach
  • As a compulsive email checker, your productivity can be lowered, as more time will be invested in sorting the emails, and organizing them. But your virtual email assistant will clear out the inbox with unnecessary emails, make the unread mails zero, and sort out the spam mails from the inbox so that you get the important ones at your disposal at the right time.

  • Not missing out
  • Your virtual assistant will schedule all the important emails and update the calendar so that you can check it for yourself and also get informed by him about the vital tasks that require your immediate attention.

    Hence, there will be no scope for missing out on the emails that are on the priority list.

  • Save your time
  • The time that you had previously invested in managing emails, can now be done by your virtual assistant, and this extra time can be put into more productive work related to your business.

  • Quick response
  • Many times you have faced allegations of late response to an email from your customers and employees. It can be avoided, once you appoint a virtual email assistant and brief him on the emails that require a prompt reply.

    Hence, no more unresponsive emails and no more grudges against you.

  • Prompt email marketing
  • With digitalization, email marketing has also gained pace, and to take this advantage, your virtual assistant can help you out by sending attractive emails to potential customers on time.


    You can select affordable virtual assistant services for your regular business work and bring about discipline in your work culture.

    It will make your business life smoother, more comfortable, and hassle-free so that you can proceed forward with the goals you have envisioned for your enterprise.