hiring virtual assistants safe or a risky affair

An introspection on hiring virtual assistants: safe or a risky affair

Virtual assistant wanted, is one of the easiest ways to advertise your requirement online. But hey, wait. Before you do it, you need to know certain matters related to it.

Though you know that hiring virtual assistants for your company is essential as they will help you to streamline all your back office operations smoothly, but such information will be at their hand that is vital for your entity.

Having access to such data can be a matter of concern for you, especially if you are unaware of the goodwill of such virtual assistant contractors.

Hence, this article will act as your guide to avoid any unpleasant situations after delegating your task to them.

Points to be noted before hiring virtual assistants

You ought to understand some prime factors associated with hiring a remote virtual assistant. Some of them are discussed below for your quick reading.

  1. Fix your roles and responsibilities
  2. Once you note down your job, then it will be easier to shortlist the task that your virtual assistant will do.

  3. Flexibility and time frame matters
  4. Since, the virtual assistants work from a different location, clarify with them if they are open to working at any point of time in the day that is mutually beneficial. It will help you to eliminate any unnecessary work delays.

  5. Overall period
  6. Whether you are selecting them for a short or a long time, will ascertain your budget accordingly.

  7. Test trial is important
  8. Knowing the workflow, services, and coordination are some points that both of you can sort out is only possible after the test trial post hiring the virtual assistant. It is done before any contract is signed.

Factors that are to be considered to maintain the security with virtual assistants

The best low-cost virtual assistant will be beneficial only if they maintain the confidentiality code of services and help you to gain momentum in the business.

Following these simple yet effective tips can help you to conduct your business well without any extra tension about the fact that some important matters are being handled by some unknown person located elsewhere.

  • Access to the book of accounts
  • Without sharing any passwords, you can give them access to your accounts to run the business efficiently. Do not allow them complete control of the administrative part until you are convinced about their loyalty and transparency in work.

  • Record maintenance
  • Documentation like signing contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other legal documents are to be kept in your safe custody as proof if your virtual assistant purposely flouts any norms.

  • Authentication via multi-factor
  • In case your accounts software has multi-factor authentication mode, then it will safeguard your vital data and help you track security breaches if accessed by any unknown person.


    All is fine when you are cautious about the whole issue. For the effective operation of your business, you need to hire these professionals, but at the same time, you should also emphasize the fact that much sensitive information is being handled by them on your behalf.

    Hence, it is your responsibility to segregate which specific matters that you would delegate to them and which you should keep to yourself for overall safety reasons of your business.

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