Hiring An Affordable Virtual Assistant

A complete guide for hiring an affordable virtual assistant

Entrepreneurship is exciting, challenging, rewarding, and much more. But unfortunately, somewhere along the way, dealing with all your mundane, recurring work starts taking up a considerable amount of time in your day, leaving you with very little time to do what you love. An affordable virtual assistant is a preferred option for many entrepreneurs as they offer flexibility in work and the multiple skill sets they bring to the company. So to hire one you need to do some work hard.

1. List the Tasks You Want to Delegate:

The work you need to outsource could be a minimal job but of high value that does not make the best use of your time, even if you love doing them. Another type of task is those that you don’t want to do because they are too boring. If you are hiring virtual assistant services near me, jot down the outcomes, you want them to deliver apart from specific tasks.

2. Prepare a Job Description:

For the next step, you require to prepare a job description for the role that will be accountable for the work. Tasks that involve specialized skills should not be printed in the description for a general virtual assistant. The job description should contain background information about your company, including your industry type, your products and services, and who your customers are.

3. Shortlist Applicants:

Review the applications that were submitted and conduct interviews with the top 5 to 10 candidates. This, in turn, can help you to figure out if you like someone and can be a perspective, virtual assistant. As you interview each person, ask questions like what are their goals and hobbies, how they like to be worked and managed, their strengths and weaknesses, etc. Asking them such questions will help you to know them better.

4. Evaluate Applicants:

Before you commit to hiring an outsourced executive assistant, give your top 3 candidates a test job to complete. Select a type of task that will be a part of their regular work, and see how well they perform. Allotting a real task to your candidates will help you ensure who is the best.

5. How to choose the best affordable virtual assistants:

Hiring the best affordable virtual assistant can be tricky; fear not, we are here to guide you. Make a list of virtual assistant services or companies. Check out the pricing option. Examine what services they provide that are similar to what you’re looking for. Check their current reviews and see if they offer a trial to evaluate their services. Once it has met all of your parameters, try the trail before finalizing.

6. Delegate:

At this point, you are ready to delegate. Convey the task’s expectations and objectives clearly to the virtual assistant. To confirm that they have understood it well, it is a good idea to have them recap your instructions. Consider documenting your style guide, business standards, and other guidelines all that your assistants need to do.

7. Keep the VAs Accountable:

It is vital to keep your virtual assistants accountable. For this, consider conducting daily check-ins with your remote team members to ensure the desired productivity is maintained. Additionally, checking in with your employees enables you to support them through any problems they may face.


Finding success with a virtual assistant needs attention in every stage of the hiring process. You need to make a supportive ecosystem where your virtual assistant can thrive. Try doing this and your VA will become a valuable employee of your team, putting your business on the growth path.