Decoding the success mantra-What makes Tasks Leader different from others?

For a Virtual Assistant (VA), no two days in a week are similar.

On a Monday, a VA can be witnessed handling emails and phone calls on behalf of an entrepreneur, whereas on a Friday, the same VA could be helping a company HR plan a corporate vacation.

At Tasks Leader, we have always believed in the spirit of quality work. And, the only way to deliver quality output is being consistent and having a penchant for fast adaptability.
In our effort to decode what keeps our employees going strong each day, we interviewed some of our most treasured assets of the company, and what they said is undoubtedly a reflection of our work ethos and culture in tandem.

1. It's all about blending yourself with the client’s working style-

says James, who is an industry breed professional with over 9 years of experience as a virtual assistant. He believes that as a VA it is imperative that you get a clear understanding of the client’s attitude and expectations to make the tumblers click in the right places.

2. You can never go wrong with scheduled meetings–

Well, we can’t agree more. This is a direct quote from Linda, who is our go-to girl for transcription tasks, a niche offering at Tasks Leader.
Linda believes that no matter how brief or long a meeting is, one should always have a scheduled meeting once in a week to catch up with the client you are working for and share an update on the work, discuss challenges faced, and possible workarounds for the same. Doing so not only makes it easy to keep track of things but also puts the client and the VA on the same page.

3. Nothing like being "Organized"–

David, who is an expert in IT support and technical troubleshooting has almost mastered the art of being organized.
As exaggerated ist sounds, there’s simply no denying that being organized with client tasks does up your game like nothing else. For instance, in comes a new email from a client, and Danny lists it down under his personal “To-Do”folder in Outlook. That way, he always gets an alert of all things that he is supposed to complete by EOD, and how close or far he is from the deadline. In other words, it brings out the very best out of him, strictly speaking in terms of productivity.

4. The Art of Listening–

Clients can have varied needs, wants, and expectations and your solutions might fall short at times to offer respite. However, in the majority of cases your efforts will come bearing fruits, if you pay close attention, says Ruby, who always makes it a point to be a good listener of client issues before starting on her task.

5. Taking a different stance–

Rick, a content writer and copy editor at Tasks Leader handling a multitude of content requirements harps on being different. Where mainstream digital agencies are all targeting their services in a likewise pattern, being different adds more value to client work. Plus, it also allows one to explore several different avenues that have never been touched upon before.

6. Making a first impression matters–

Yes, the old adage still holds immense value in today’s time. We got Eric, who is a web designer and developer and someone who believes that once you know how to make the first impression right, you are all set to make an impact!
Eric is always keen on applying the same perspective to his line of work, the result being stellar and functional websites that entices and enthrall everyone.

7. The power of communication and follow up –

There’s nothing that an effective communication can’t make happen. In our line of work, communication and subsequent follow up over several tasks is an ineffective way to stay vigilant of all changes, additional requirements and anything else that the client demands to get done, says Howard.

And that’s not all.
Howard also points out that as a VA, one should always ask the right questions and shouldnt beat around the bush. This will save time and make a VA more efficient in his/her doings and ensure repeat business from the client by all means.
Well, he is right! When you do stuff right for others, you automatically become trusted partners.
There you go with some of our brightest chaps who are endlessly striving each day to help clients with myriad tasks, big or small, and keep up with the finest quality standards at all times.