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An extra pair of hands for a Singapore-based gaming startup

Virtual Assistant Case Studies

Name of the client:
Siobhan Harrold

Why Siobhan chose


Startups are known to face all sorts of challenges and Siobhan’s company was certainly no different. Having helped several startups in the past, we packed the right expertise and experience to get things going for the Singapore-based gaming company. We identified their primary objectives right and presented before our approach in getting things done in the best manner possible. From developing the right kind of content to chalking a full-proof social media strategy, TasksLeaders VA’s left no stone unturned to ensure the brand value gets established.


Siobhan's primary tasks included:

Virtual Assistant Case Studies


The Singapore-based startup sought commendable insights from digital promotion. With perfectly tailored content to suit their needs, the gaming company saw positive responses from their target sector within a short span.