Ways To Find The Best Virtual Assistant In Singapore For Small Businesses​

The virtual assistant services are preferably designed to help our executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs to outsource some of the time-consuming tasks. It is a clever proposition to help save money and time and use that to run their own businesses and make them grow.

It is always the duty of the virtual assistants to help you with simple tasks like handling simple correspondence, scheduling appointments, writing social media marketing or SMM campaigns, and more. Some might even take up the responsibility to act as customer support for the business. 

As these virtual assistants are able to accomplish all the possible services without the companies paying a fixed salary to the employees, virtual assistants can help owners to save a lot on operating costs.

What do you know about virtual personal assistant services?

The virtual assistant service will offer services from skilled remote assistants, who can help out the owners with multiple tasks that they otherwise would have done themselves or pay an employee a fixed salary to cover.

Right from responding to emails to customer service requests, a virtual assistant can cover it all.

They can further work on updating the website or presenting technical support throughout.

Most of the services present their clients with either a dedicated virtual assistant and access to assistants with other skills when needed or a virtual personal assistant whose main job is to organize and then outsource tasks outside of the client’s skills.

How do they actually work?

The virtual assistant services will start off by setting up a thorough meeting with the clients. Here, they will learn what the clients want and their flexibility.

After that, the service assigns a dedicated assistant, whose skill matches the needs of the firm. You can further get help from an account manager, who can delegate the tasks to the proper individuals in question. 

The virtual assistant services will make it a lot easier for the users to request some tasks directly with VA via phone, chat, or email.

These services come in handy with a pricing plan, depending on the total number of hours that the users can request every month or the week.

Currently, the virtual assistant-centric services will focus on presenting services from trained and educated professionals.

They are able to handle almost all kinds of tasks in a capable manner, with a touch of professionalism to them.

Most of the services are located all across Singapore to cover both small-time businesses and big enterprises and get their jobs done on time. 

Here, you will receive services from English-speaking assistants, who are available to cover your business hours and provide work in the most supervised and secured offices of all time.

What makes Tasks Leader the best?

There are so many interesting virtual assistant companies out there. But, there are some positive vibes related to Tasks Leader, which makes it a leading virtual assistant company among others in Singapore. What makes this firm stands out among the crowd? Let’s find out more:

Case studies:

Some of the case studies clearly portray the value of virtual assistant companies and will let you choose the best one among the lot. The case studies show the kind of work they have been doing for years and the level of expertise gained throughout hard work and dedication. 

Each one of the case studies will prove more about not just the company but how it has handled the case for the clients, big or small. It clearly portrays the reasons on why Task Leader is the best in town.

Easily able to outsource the task:

No matter how difficult or complex the task seems, the members from Tasks Leader know how to serve the purpose pretty well. Moreover, outsourcing your business works to the members is pretty simple and straightforward. With affordable pricing and a one-stop solution, it becomes a lot easier to outsource tasks to the expert virtual assistants and get the work covered right on time, always.

The kind of services Tasks Leader can do for your business:

Right from handling calls to managing emails, booking appointments to scheduling meetings, the executive virtual assistant services from Tasks Leader are streamlined to cover multiple kinds of administrative tasks.

The members from this reputed VA firm in Singapore have been bending and changing the fabric of the conventional virtual assistants. They are ready to be the trustworthy partners that both big and small firms are looking for. So, they have divided their services under multiple heads, to help you choose the task you want them to cover. Those options are:

Vacation planning

Finding the best shopping places

Hotel reservations

Booking flight tickets

Data entry

Documentation and presentation

Lifestyle management

Handling the invoices and payments

Social media management

Calendar management

Email Management

Providing services within same time zone

No matter how simple or complex the tasks might be, Tasks Leader is able to provide the best virtual assistant services with the same time zone. So, you don’t have to wait for a long time to get your tasks covered. Whenever you are asking for the job to get done, it will be covered by expert team members. It is another way to find the best virtual assistant agency in all over Singapore. Well, Tasks Leader is taking the lead over here!

Setting up test trial:

It is yet another proven way to help you find the best virtual assistant in Singapore. The experts from Tasks Leader will set up a test trial account to help you know more about their services. It will also help you to grab knowledge of what to expect from the team and how they are going to manage your work. Once you are happy with the results and want the same for your upcoming project, the team will start working on it for you.

The pricing value:

Lastly, you need to compare the pricing value of various virtual assistant companies in Singapore, before you can finally choose the right one. The pricing from Tasks Leader is divided under seven different sections. Those are 5 hours, 10 hours, 20 hours, 40 hours, 60 hours, half-time dedicated assistant and full-time dedicated assistant. 

Depending on the package you are planning to purchase, the rates are subject to change. 

Compare those rates to find which company seems to be your perfect fit. It is hard to look somewhere else when Tasks Leader is here.

Under the half-time dedicated assistant, there will be 4 hours of work perfect day for 5 days, every week. It can be any business hour and you get to choose it as per your need.

Then the full-time dedicated assistant is the most expensive one among the lot, but worth every penny invested. It will be of 8 hours of virtual assistance work for 5 days a week. Even here, you get to choose any business hour you like. 

Comparing the rates will definitely help you to come across the best virtual assistant in Singapore. Tasks Leader has been in this field for a long time, and will address your needs too well.

Advantages Of Hiring Virtual Assistant From Task Leader

Hourly Rate – SGD 7-14/hour

Dedicated Assistant – YES

Free Trial – YES

24/7 Availability – YES

Hourly Rate – SGD 34-70/hour

Dedicated Assistant – YES

Free Trial – NO

24/7 Availability – NO

Hourly Rate – SGD 44-70/hour

Dedicated Assistant – YES

Free Trial – NO

24/7 Availability – NO

Free Trial


What do you mean by a virtual personal assistant?

A virtual personal assistant is a self-employed worker, specializing in administrative services and offering the same to clients from a remote location, mainly a home office.

How much do you need to pay them?

The payment scale is subject to vary from one person to another, and it also depends on the country and the skill sets you are looking for.

What are the skills expected from a virtual personal assistant?

Right from proper communication skills to administrative services, expect the best from your chosen virtual personal assistant. He will be the one managing your project and also time. He is also known for special IT skills right at your service.


If you don’t want to waste extra money on a salaried individual and still want the work to be covered on time, hiring services of a virtual personal assistant from Singapore is a good shot. Look at all the available options before a final goal.

Task Leader is your first and foremost choice for best in-class virtual assistant help. Right from guaranteed performance to encrypted data security, the team has it all!