12 Incredible Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant in 2022

It’s not uncommon for any small business owner to be caught up in multiple things. By all means, that’s how a small business operates – you gotta handle a bunch of tasks all by yourself.
It’s 2022 already, and no time is as good as this one to gear up for your business.
That way, you can shift your focus to hundreds of other important things like closing deals or pitching new clients for your business.
Now, you know that no good can be achieved without garnering the support of the right people. For any forward thinking business owner, it can be a tad bit hard at times having to manage many things at one go.
That’s where Virtual Assistants (VAs) come in– smart professionals who are well adept with a plethora of skills to make things happen for you–fast, effective, and functional.
As the world looks forward to ever challenging markets following COVID disruptions and still underway, there are multiple benefits of having a VA on your side.
Read on to find out more.

Reintroducing Virtual Assistants - Who Are They And What They Can Do

Simply put, Virtual Assistants can help both individuals as well as businesses with a slew of tasks, whether it’s technical or administrative.
From social media management, event planning, calendar or email management, digital marketing, research, website development, content creation, and just about anything that you need a hand with.
While larger corporations enjoy more authority in terms of finances and manpower, VA’s are an excellent solution for small businesses which are otherwise cash-crunched.
Hiring a VA always fits the affordable tag thereby reducing company expenses. This is solely because working with a VA does not need one to pay towards their computer hardware, internet, or accommodation as a VA primarily works remotely. While there are virtual assistants who cater to a particular niche or few services, an all-rounder virtual assistant company can act as an all-rounder.

Are Virtual Assistants Qualified?

Sure, they are.
However, one doesn’t need any specific qualification to work as a virtual assistant. Nevertheless, there can be situations where clients might demand specialized training or VA’s to be highly qualified to handle certain tasks. This is where some of the best virtual assistant companies can take a lead against others as they prefer working with individuals who are dedicated VAs and have the requisite knowledge or more to help cater to a wide range of tasks.
Regardless of academic qualifications, virtual assistants are downright tech savvy and are keen to get trained to deliver according to the demanding nature of a specialized job, like double entry bookkeeping or account reconciliations.

How Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Change Things

Hiring a virtual assistant can help usher a wide range of benefits that can seldom be compared to an otherwise traditional way of doing things. Here’s more on why you need to hire a virtual assistant today:

1. VA’s are time efficient – One of the major benefits of working with a VA is that they can help save your valuable time. As you delegate your desired task to be handled by a VA, you have plenty of time in hand to focus on ideas and strategies to expand your business to newer horizons.

2. VA’s fit your budget –While hiring a full time resource for multiple jobs can be expensive for your business, an all-rounder VA can do the same at half the price. In other words, you get more stuff done and pay less. How cool is that!

3. VA’s are highly flexible – Imagine being a business owner catering to customers in a different time zone. Sounds like a problem? Relax! VA’s are highly flexible and can match working in any time zone, day or night.

4. VA’s don’t require you to invest in maintaining relationships –While maintaining a good relationship with your workers is always recommended and it calls for certain investment from time to time, with VA’s things are a bit different. Unlike regular employees whom you have to take out for lunches and office parties, throwing gifts from time to time and allocate bonus, a virtual assistant will never ask you to do so. Besides, one can also choose to keep things extremely professional and only indulge with your dedicated VA for updates related to work and nothing else.

5. VA’s help promote your business – As a business owner, it is always expected of you to devise newer strategies for success. With a major chunk of repetitive work delegated to virtual assistants, you are left with a good deal of time to chalk out future plans for your business. For what it matters, you can also ask your VA to contribute in getting some research work done, pull some statistics or case studies to help you plan things accordingly. Strictly speaking from a greater perspective, your VA can be more like what Jarvis was to Tony Stark, a one man solution for a multitude of tasks.

6. VA’s help reduce work stress – Business owners are often under a great deal of stress having to coordinate a lot of tasks all by themselves. With the best virtual assistance company by their side, the work pressure can be significantly reduced. As VA’s are extremely flexible, they can help take away the burden by successfully helping you complete a good number of tasks. Also, as a business owner if you have ever complained about not having work-life balance, hiring a VA can certainly make a difference.

7. You pay a VA only for the hours worked – One of the most significant advantages of hiring a VA is how you pay them. Compared to a traditional employee whom you have to pay a monthly salary no matter what volume of work he.or she handles, a VA will only charge you by the hours. For instance, if an audio transcription job took five hours, the best virtual assistance company will charge you only for the five hours spent, and not a dime extra. Plus, virtual assistants are always present 24/7 no matter what which is always a bonus!

8.You don’t have to train a VA exhaustively –Another benefit of hiring a VA from a virtual assistant company is freedom from having to train one aggressively. VAs are an intelligent lot who work for multiple clients and get to handle tasks of varied nature. As such, they are readily adapted in picking up new skills every single day and are multi-tasker too. Hence, compared to training a regular employee, you will end up saving a lot of time and can get the work done readily.

9. Ease of communication –Unlike other remote workers, virtual assistants can be communicated in multiple ways, like email, phone, messenger apps and also physically if he/she resides in the same town. Thus, in today’s world where businesses thrive on staying connected, VAs offer a seamless communication mode to get your tasks done smoothly through any mode that you are comfortable with.

10. Breeze fast hiring –Compared to recruiting an employee physically, hiring a virtual assistant is way more easier. All you need to do is to find the best virtual assistance company and hire one matching your desired skill for the specific task to be done.

11. Easy to replace a VA –Don’t like the way a VA is working? No worries at all! You can ask the company to get the VA replaced and you will be provided with a substitute in no time. This is practically impossible in a physical world where you might have to spend months looking for the perfect replacement, thus leaving things at jeopardy.

12. Re-hiring a VA is easy too –If you have worked with a VA in the past and liked the way he worked, you might as well choose to rehire the individual. That way you don’t have to go out looking for someone who is in sync with your way of working and can readily get your tasks done.

Wrap up

No matter who you are or what business you are in, hiring a virtual assistant can undoubtedly transform the way you work and cater to your customers. As a business owner, one can very well create a small, dedicated team of VAs who can help act as a support system and contribute effectively to push the boundaries.

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This 2022, let’s unleash the power of virtual assistants to scale up your business goals like never before. Together, we can make it happen!

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