Best Virtual Assistant in United Kingdom

Best Virtual Assistant in United Kingdom – All you need to know

With so many businesses growing, there is a huge demand for Best Virtual Assistant in the United Kingdom these days. Right from focusing on bookkeeping services to managing accounting services, you can get a virtual assistant to serve you with probable solutions. Now, while looking for the best virtual assistant all across the UK, Tasks Leader will be your first call to address. Have you ever wondered why?

The detailed information about virtual assistant companies in the UK will help you find your answer. Let’s learn some more before coming to the right solution.

What is a virtual assistant in the UK?

In general terms, a virtual assistant is one independent contractor, whose main goal is to provide administrative services to clients, while working outside of the main client’s office. The virtual assistant company in the UK hires experts to cover multiple official tasks and responsibilities.

  • A virtual assistant will operate from a home office but can further access necessary planning documents like shared calendars, remotely.
  • People from the best virtual assistant companies in the UK, who are hired as assistants will have years of experience as administrative assistants or office managers.
  • Some new opportunities are opening up for virtual assistants from top virtual assistant companies, who are widely skilled in content management, social media, graphic design, blog post writing, and internet marketing.
  • With work from home becoming more accepted among workers and employees, the demand for present skilled virtual assistants is expected to rise in the upcoming days.
  • Depending on the virtual assistant cost in the UK, you can choose their services whenever it feels right. Whether you own a big company or a small start-up venture, outsourcing the services to virtual assistants means you can save money. You won’t have to build an in-house team of experts and have experts working on your case!

    Why hire a virtual assistant?

    As per the UK Small Business Statistics from starting of 2021, there were around 5.5 million small businesses with 0 to 49 employees. Among the lot, around 99.2% of total businesses have worked with the best virtual assistant in the UK, which helped in their popular growth.

    At present, the virtual assistant industry in the UK can count on around 2500 active members. They are all working for over 13,500 small businesses. Most of them are “solopreneurs” who are working from home. Most of them have a background as PA and around 97% of them are women, as per the SVA survey.

    Virtual assistant services for small businesses have grown to a great extent. In 2020, there were around 4.2 billion digital voice assistants, who are being used in devices around the global platform. Currently, there is a high demand for virtual assistants because they allow a business owner to redistribute his time, cash flow, and energy to things that will add value to the business.

    These points prove why you need to have the best virtual assistant companies by your side if you want your business to grow. Some of the main qualities that you might want to look for in a VA are:

  • Highly reliable individuals
  • Excellent communicators to maintain transparency
  • VAs are also considered to be proactive and resourceful
  • Reputed virtual assistant providers are always honest and trustworthy
  • They can multitask
  • These experts are also known to work well under pressure
  • They are great with some follow-ups as well
  • For queries like how much a virtual assistant costs in the UK, it will be around 32 pounds per hour. This rate will include the time spent on the assignment, liaison with clients by email, physical meetings, and telephone services. However, some additional costs might take place with postage, stationary, packaging, and more.

    How do virtual assistants help small businesses in the UK?

    There are so many packages that can be placed under the most popular virtual assistant services. With your businesses just booming, it becomes pretty tough to get a hold of the big market. Furthermore, building an in-house team of experts will cost you a lot more money than focusing on the most in-demand virtual assistant services.
    For example, coaches in the UK can choose virtual assistance help in order to complete their tasks and help their businesses thrive. Similarly, a cleaning company can call for a virtual assistant business in the UK help to maintain their calls, productive reports, working charts and more.
    If you need help with your start-up business, you need to look for the top skills for a virtual assistant to help save your business and give it the break it needs.s Regarding queries like how much it costs to hire a virtual assistant, it depends on the service package you are looking for. Furthermore, you have to check out the tips on how to hire a virtual assistant and it ensures that you get your money invested in the best team of experts only.

    There are numerous other ways in which the virtual assistant agency can help your small business to grow, and it is not just restricted to administrative duties. Some of those are:

  • Data entry
  • Bookkeeping
  • Office Administration
  • Secretarial work
  • Report writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Database management
  • Translation and transcription services
  • Concierge services
  • Website management and more
  • You are always requested to hire a virtual assistant at cheap rates if you want to see your business boom. With some tips for hiring a virtual assistant, it won’t be long when you have the best help by your side.

    Virtual assistant salary in the UK:

    Before you proceed further with the best virtual assistant agencies, it is time to check in with the salary mark as counted in the UK. You can try your hands on cheap virtual assistant services as well, but it is recommended to work with professionals for quality help all the time.

  • The average salary of an affordable virtual assistant will be around 12.33 pounds per hour in the UK.
  • The highest paying cities for affordable virtual assistant services will be London at 16.43 pounds per hour, Manchester at 15.02 pounds per hour, Birmingham at 14.68 pounds per hour, and more.
  • If you search thoroughly, you will come across a low-cost virtual assistant package, but it also varies with the services you have asked for. With an extra workload, be prepared to pay more. Even if you do that, the virtual assistance payment stays a lot cheaper than housing an in-house team. On top of that, you might not even have talented individuals like the ones working in a virtual assistant company.

    The benefit of hiring Tasks Leader:

    In case you are aiming for a cheap personal assistant, Tasks Leader seems to be the first and foremost point to consider. From here, you will experience hassle-free and experienced best in class virtual assistant services.

  • Thanks to a dedicated virtual assistant, you can get a free trial to understand where you stand and how Tasks Leader can help your business bloom.
  • The company consists of various plans, ranging from 5 hours to full-time dedicated assistants from the virtual assistant company.
  • Furthermore, the free trial service is of 3 hours for 3 days, which will help you to evaluate the virtual assistant services before subscription to the paid plan.
  • All the plans are recurring except web design and development.
  • For 5 hours of top virtual assistant services, you need to pay just $50 per month. For 10 hours, it will be $90 per month.
  • Similarly, for 20 hours, it will be $160 per month, for 40 hours at $280 per month and finally, for 60 hours, you need to pay $360 per month.
  • For half-time best virtual assistant services from a dedicated assistant, you need to pay $500 per month. On the other hand, for full-time top virtual assistant services from a dedicated assistant, pay $800 per month.
  • If you compare the rates of these virtual assistance services from Tasks Leader, these packages are pretty cheap when compared to some of the other competitors out there. So, giving this firm a try is always a good shot to consider.

    Tips for hiring a virtual assistant:

    There are some chosen and simple tips to follow, in case you are hiring a virtual assistant in the UK for the first time. Remember to keep these points in mind before you jump straight into making a decision.

  • Always document the tasks beforehand that you want to outsource.
  • Later, create a job description that your chosen virtual assistant needs to fulfill.
  • Post the job description online or have a chat with the virtual assistant agency to learn if it can cover your duties well enough.
  • Interview and then give top candidates a test.
  • Give your candidates a trial period before the final call.
  • FAQs

    A virtual assistant will work as a remote employee with administrative support for your business needs, mostly part-time.
    Virtual assistants are engaged through part-time or full-time working schedules.
    With businesses booming, a virtual assistant is highly in demand. It is because businesses are more comfortable outsourcing talents for their work.