Avoid mistakes While Hiring The Virtual Assistant Services

5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid While Hiring the virtual assistant services

Once you decide to hire virtual assistant services, you are in a win-win situation. You can cut down on the massive work pressure without parting with a considerable amount of money.

The process of hiring remote assistants is similar to the recruitment of regular employees. Therefore, the approach of hiring a virtual assistant will be similar to the hiring of office-based employees.

So, refrain from making the common mistakes that can jeopardize your money and service quality.

Mistake #1: Failing to identify the needs

There are two types of entrepreneurs. The first group is proactive and plans ahead for every task. Such assistants will have a list of job responsibilities ready for the virtual assistant services.

But the second kind of entrepreneur can be the one without any clear idea about the needs of the business at this moment or in near future. Such entrepreneurs will follow the general tips of hiring virtual assistants without thinking about whether the service is necessary for the business.

Remember, the success story of one business owner cannot apply to your business as each business has its individual needs and principles.

Mistake #2: Hiring the right professionals for the wrong reasons

The primary reason for hiring virtual assistant services is to save time and offer maximum ROI. But you need to know whether the personnel joining the company will serve the intended purpose.

For instance, you need someone who can manage accounting procedures. But if you hire a virtual assistant who is good only at social medial management or a service provider who cannot offer specialist assistants in all sectors, your assistant cannot continue the growth of the company.

Mistake #3: Not clarifying the tasks

In the job description for the virtual assistant services, you have to clearly mention the duties and responsibilities of the personnel. Unless you allocate well-defined tasks, you can’t get the right applicants to fill up the post.

A wrong job description will bring in applications from the person who cannot serve the purpose for which you are looking for remote assistance.

So, wait until you know exactly what you want from the professionals and they prepare the job description vividly.

Mistake #4: Lack of a proper system

Young business owners may want to hire virtual assistant services depending on the Curriculum Vita. But that is not the right approach as the CV cannot be the only criteria to assess the potential of a candidate.

So, you need to follow a proper system for hiring.

  • Start with a preliminary interview.
  • Continue with fundamental skill tests in the sections where you will need professional help.
  • Start testing the technical skills that should include both practical tests and oral competency tests.
  • Behavioural profiling will complete the process. Situation tests, analogical reasoning tests, and check on the social media platform will help to assess the quality of the virtual assistant services.
  • The system may appear tedious but it is the right approach for recruitment.

    Mistake #5: Hiring the first potential candidate

    One of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs tend to make is to hire the first impressive candidate. It is not because you can get better candidates later. It is also to learn about the different aspects of the different virtual assistant services and perform a comparative analysis based on certain parameters.

    While hiring virtual assistant services:

  • Shortlist at least 5 to 7 candidates
  • Try to look for maximum diversity in services
  • Don’t focus only on the candidates who have a similar experience as needed from your end
  • Diversely qualified virtual assistant services can help to stabilize your business with an innovative approach.

    Avoid mistakes

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