5 Tips: Virtual Assistants for Photographers

Great images are a crucial part of your digital content planning and henceforth photographers can hire a virtual assistant agency. Readers now expect to see relevant, good quality, and engaging images on blogs, websites, and on social media posts, so to grab their attention, you need to ensure that your images advertise your brand and are professional and eye-catching. Virtual Assistant for Photographers tips like the ones in the article can help you to save money and enhance your goodwill.

1. Think about the setup:

Whether you’re taking photos outdoors or indoors, it pays to take your time setting up any shot. As any remote virtual assistant service will tell you, the way to great photos is to keep it simple:

  • Make sure you don’t have people or stray items in the background.
  • Notice where any shadows fall from artificial or natural light and delete them if you can.
  • Use the gridline option on your device to apply the ‘rule of thirds so that your focal point isn’t in the center of the picture.
  • 2. Manage Calendars and Book Appointments:

    As a photographer, you need to coordinate a variety of meetings. You may also need to coordinate with other parties such as makeup artists, videographers, or venues. It can be a lot to deal with, especially during busier seasons around the holidays, graduations, and wedding season! By using the support of a virtual assistant, not only can you give yourself more time to target your artistic craft instead of painful administrative tasks.

    3. Help with Client Intake and Onboarding:

    It’s thrilling when a new client makes the decision to hire you and now it’s time to usher them through a wonderful experience they will never forget. If you are like many of that photographer client, you most likely started your business because you love giving people feelings of confidence and an optimistic self-image. An outsourced executive assistant can help ensure that is all you and your clients are thinking about by providing a seamless onboarding experience.

    4. Email Newsletters:

    A monthly newsletter is an excellent add-on to your marketing strategy. You can start to build your email list of your clients by offering a monthly newsletter filled with links to your recent blog posts, and social media messages. It might also be a sweet surprise to occasionally pop a discount code into your newsletters to motivate more people to hire you during the wedding season or so. Your virtual assistant can manage the newsletter process from start to finish!

    5. Submitting Your Work to Be Featured:

    A lot of photographers strive for their work to be featured in a magazine or blog. Being featured gives your business a lot of exposure, and it’s a great honor to be recognized. You’ve got to get on the publication’s radar at first. Your virtual assistant can help submit your best work to a variety of publications so that you’ve got a better chance of being seen.

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